Can a compassionate workplace culture create a competitive edge?  Can productivity co-exist with a compassionate culture empowered workforce?  The answer is YES!  Team-building workshops are customized to encourage employees and management to design or reinforce a workplace culture that leads with compassion while maintaining focus on productivity and service.

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Books by G-Power Global Author Karin J. Lund


Life events can affect us deeply both personally and professionally. Does your corporate culture reflect and understand how these events impact morale and employee retention, productivity, and profitability? These books provide a starting point for discussion, and understanding and developing a corporate culture around disruption, and the impact of life events and their aftermath in the workplace.

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Colorful Gift Package

Corporate Comfort Gifts

Our corporate Comfort Gift Program offers unique and customized gift packages that acknowledge life events and trusted business relationships. Our gift program focuses on an individual’s given situation while capturing lighthearted moments of friendship around a professional relationship.

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Language of the Rainbow

The Language of the Rainbow card line, called Feather Thoughts for the Language of the Rainbow, is an ever-expanding collection of comfort and special occasion cards. Our custom online greeting cards convey the perfect sentiment for every mood and occasion. Use this card service in conjunction with our workshops and online program to let your employees, management and customers know you are thinking of them.

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In The Media

The Language of The Rainbow Feature Article in WNC Woman Magazine

“No one wants to help me…just let me go.”

Check out a great article called “One Leg Over the Bridge” featuring our Grief Sensitivity Training Workshops. The article is in the September issue of WNC Woman Magazine (Western North Carolina Woman Magazine).

Read “One Leg Over the Bridge” on the WNC Woman Magazine online at