Your Journey - Cover only


For Every Live Event or Loss there is a journey.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to understand how it impacts us personally and professionally. 

Through exploration and self-care participants will

  • Develop Clarity around a life event or a loss
  • Identify a path going forward that was unseen
  • Recognize how this life event is impacting you.

Each session is approximately 15 minutes and includes a series of questions that inspires thought and understanding around an individual’s personal journey.

Viewers are encouraged to record their thoughts within the sessions or on a downloadable PDF.

Inquire for corporate pricing.  To learn more, please contact Karin J. Lund at  [email protected].

Praise for Your Journey Theough the Islands of Life and Loss

I had the opportunity to view ‘Your Journey Through The Islands of Life and Loss’ online course and loved the imagery, smoothing approach, and honest questions. There are so many external factors that impact an employee being able to bring his/her whole self to work each day. This course allows employees to personally address items such as anger, change, grief, and loss at their own pace. Now, more than ever, the mental health and well-being of our employees is key to enabling them to be fully present on the job, resulting in increased quality and productivity and decreased costs. One additional note on the courses. I especially liked Session 11. You do a great job of asking social determinants of health questions.

Hayley Studer, CPA, FHFMA