Our Mission

G-Power Global’s goal is to inspire business and organizational entities to lead with compassion while continuing to focus on productivity, service and profits.

We encourage our leadership teams to begin to build their corporate culture by showing employees and customers that management cares about their personal lives. We do this by helping teams to understand how life events and the aftermath of life events effects morale and employee retention, productivity and profitability throughout every vertical and process within the organization.

Our Founder

Karin J. Lund is the Founder of G-Power Global Enterprises.  Through educational and professional input, she has created corporate training workshops and online programs which encourages the development of a compassionate culture empowered workforce that also supports productivity, services and profitability.

Lund is an author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Wilson College and has extensive experience working with manufacturers where industrial accidents are not uncommon. As a civilian responder after Hurricane Katrina and 911, Lund experienced first-hand how different kinds of loss impacts management, employees, and entire business and local communities.

Karin J. Lund, Co-Founder Headshot

Karin J. Lund, Co-Founder

Learn how to lead with compassion through our training workshops and online programs