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Women in Steel, Women of Steel-Volume II

Volume II continues the empowering dialogue and initiative that you read about in Volume I. It is imperative that we highlight the diverse perspectives and contributions of women in traditionally male-dominated industries like steel and manufacturing. Showcasing the mindset of successful women in these fields inspires others to pursue their own nonlinear career paths while learning how to navigate and embrace challenges, seizing new opportunities, and creating a clear vision and road map for those who aspire to make a mark in their field.

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Woman in Steel Woman of Steel Front Book Cover

Women in Steel, Women of Steel- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – Volume I

Women are excelling in management and leadership positions throughout the steel industry and manufacturing. Women In Steel, Women Of Steel; Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow focuses on mentoring, how to create non- linear careers and what those career paths look like, saying “Yes” to new opportunities, work/life imbalance, personal branding, challenges/successes, translating personal strengths and weaknesses into professional strengths and weaknesses, career advice and life lessons.

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What Readers are Saying…

“The dynamic women featured in this book are helping showcase how and why the steel industry and related businesses are driving technology and learning in this industry. Many of these emerging leaders are defining styles of leadership that combine compassion and resolve to be successful and drive results. A win/win formula in today’s changing business climate.”
– Raymond S. Kalouche, President & Chief Executive Officer, TMS International

“Women leaders in the steel industry are continuing to carve out their own paths to success. They not only have a place at the table but a voice and are making major decisions at that table. Lund took a broad approach and talked with leaders in this industry from around the world. Their frank discussions showcase how these women are introducing new discussions,
new awareness and creative management skills that will continue to let the world know this is a dynamic, technology-driven industry.” – Mary Ann K. Merriman, CEO, W. K. Merriman Inc.

Compassion is the Competitive Edge book cover

Compassion is the Competitive Edge:  Leading with Compassion While Delivering Results

Compassion, culture, productivity, and profit need not be exclusive of one another.  Can a compassionate workplace culture create a competitive edge?  Can productivity co-exist with a compassionate, culture empowered workforce?  The answer is yes!  This book was written to begin these conversations in businesses and organizations around the world.

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“A “Must Read” for business leaders and supervisory management.  This book is a comprehensive prescription for how to live the “people value” in the workplace!”  Fred Bentzel, Managing Partner 10x Solutions, Inc.

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Compassion is the Competitive Edge: Leading with Compassion while Delivering Results

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Testimonials for Compassion is the Competitive Edge

“This book is filled with stories that touch your heart. Stories that impact us all at some time or another- how will your co-workers, friends or workplace respond?

This book offers an important message and thought-provoking questions for corporate culture.” -Sandra L.

“Loved that this is a quick read with great questions and answers about how to lead with compassion. The workbook sheets at the end of each chapter are great tools for a business leader, team lead or HR consultant. Thank you for this much needed resource that translates into higher employee retention and productivity!”  -Mario

The Language of Loss book cover

The Language of Loss-Breaking the Silence-Starting Conversations about Loss at Work and Home

“The most forgotten fact in business is that we’re all human.” Employees deal with disruption around multiple life events every day yet life events are crushing employees, legally, financially, and emotionally.  Studies have shown that how a company chooses to address and acknowledge these events directly impacts productivity, absenteeism, work culture, attracting new employees, retaining the current workforce, and ultimately the bottom line.

The Language of Loss offers examples of how to have conversations around life events, and the aftermath of life events, at home and in the workplace.

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