Praise for Your Journey Theough the Islands of Life and Loss

Your Journey - Cover only

I had the opportunity to view ‘Your Journey Through The Islands of Life and Loss’ online course and loved the imagery, smoothing approach, and honest questions. There are so many external factors that impact an employee being able to bring his/her whole self to work each day. This course allows employees to personally address items such as anger, change, grief, and loss at their own pace. Now, more than ever, the mental health and well-being of our employees is key to enabling them to be fully present on the job, resulting in increased quality and productivity and decreased costs. One additional note on the courses. I especially liked Session 11. You do a great job of asking social determinants of health questions.

Hayley Studer, CPA, FHFMA

Praise for Our Corporate Comfort Gifts

“Karin really puts her heart into the perfect gift. She displayed so much compassion and caring of what gifts were chosen for one of our cherished clients.  From providing ideas to helping us with our choices, to the beautifully wrapped package – the process was effortless.  We will definitely contact Karin again for our next unique and special gift.”

–RK, Wilke & Associates, LLP

Praise for Compassion is the Competitive Edge – Leading with Compassion while Delivering Results

“You have fashioned  a thoughtful, straightforward, well-constructed case for compassionate leadership. You have ably drawn attention to the often-overlooked human dimension of every workplace – large or small – offering compelling examples of heart-wrenching situations that could have been eased with just a touch of empathy. You have also provided valuable discussion questions and offered suggestions to help guide corporate leaders and members of the workforce to a better path for demonstrating compassion in the work environment.

Your personal experience enhanced the discussion (how I loved the story of the ice cream social honoring your mother – perhaps in future additions you might include that fudge sauce recipe).

 Couldn’t help but think your book is even more timely given the workplace shootings that are sadly a current example of where compassion and understanding may be needed the most in corporate culture right now.”

–Holly Bertone, Pinkfortitude, LLC

“A must read for business leaders and supervisory management. This book is a comprehensive prescription for how to live the people value in the workplace.”

–Fred Bentzel, Managing Partner, 10xSolutions Inc.

“A great tool for both managers and employees in helping build a more cohesive and caring work environment, which can lead to stronger employee retention, engagement and productivity.”

Lori Gallagher, Senior HR Consultant

“This book is filled with stories that touch your heart. Stories that impact us all at some time or another- how will your co-workers, friends or workplace respond? This book offers an important message and thought-provoking questions for corporate culture.”

Amazon Review – Sandra L .

“Loved that this is a quick read with great questions and answers about how to lead with compassion. The workbook sheets at the end of each chapter are great tools for a business leader, team lead or HR consultant. Thank you for this much needed resource that translates into higher employee retention and productivity!”

Amazon Review – Mario

Recommendation for our corporate workshop at the beaver county humane society in Beaver, PA


“Our staff and volunteers at the Beaver County Humane Society were a little hesitant to participate in the Loving and Letting Go workshop; most of us had never done anything like this, but we also knew that loss was a huge part of our rescue work. We keep busy and most of the time don’t really talk about the hard stuff. Karin did an amazing job opening us up and guiding us through our conversations; we realized how much loss we had in common and it brought us closer together. Thank you so much for helping us reconnect within our shelter family!”

–Cailin Smith Rankin, Volunteer & Offsite Event Coordinator, Beaver County Humane Society

Human Society G-Power Global Training Group and Dogs

Pictured: Susan Salyards, Executive Director; Karin Lund, CEO G-Power Global; Cailin Smith Rankin, Volunteer & Offsite Event Coordinator Heather McKean, Volunteer; Sady May, Volunteer; Nevada, tan pitbull mix; Kodiak, Shepherd/husky mix

A special note:

“Nevada actually got adopted about an hour after you left on Thursday!! She came in as a stray and finally found her forever family. I think your visit was good luck for her!

Kodiak was rescued during a Humane Investigations case over the past summer and has been adopted by Sady. Sady is currently training Kodiak to be a Search and Rescue Canine.”