Coming December 2017

Feel pressure to bury rather than talk about your feelings of loss and grief? This book is for you!

Each of our lives is affected, even shaped, by loss and grief. From the death of a parent, to the loss of a job, to limited mobility due to an accident, losses accumulate. Even as painful feelings of loss multiply, our society designates boundaries around the expression of these losses. For example, friends may bring casseroles at the time of death or illness, and our place of employment may grant us a few days off, but we are expected to quickly resume our responsibilities and cheerful dispositions. What are we to do with our deep feelings of loss and pain six months or six years afterward? If we speak about our grief, especially at work, our colleagues and friends are embarrassed and often turn away, not because they are mean-spirited, but because they have no idea what to say.

When Karin Lund began to tell others that she was exploring the subject of loss, it seemed everyone she spoke to was eager to tell a personal story. Strangers as well as friends simply wanted to talk and have someone listen with empathy and compassion. So Karin listened and collected their stories.

In the pages of this book, you’ll discover a wide range of expressions and reflections on loss and grief. While some of the expressions are beautiful and others are heart-wrenching, all are deeply human and touchingly personal. In the space of these pages, you’ll find a place for your own sense of loss and grief. Along the way, you’ll join with others in that thing called hope.

About Karin Lund. Karin is the Co-Founder of the Grief Sensitivity Training Workshops for Corporations, Universities and Non-Profits. Karin serves as a facilitator for adult groups at Highmark’s The Caring Place, a community centered facility for grieving children, adolescents and their families in Pennsylvania. She is also the creator of a comfort greeting card line called “Feather Thoughts for the Language of the Rainbow”.